Hard & Soft Landscaping

Public areas, schools, homes and commercial sites all benefit from Hard & Soft Landscaping. Creating previously unusable areas into functional outdoor spaces. Using bricks, paving or timber, landscaping gives individual gardens meaning and structure.


Hard landscaping is used to create the start of a garden, which can be enhanced upon with planting, lawns and other soft landscape materials.


Landscaping around your business is attractive to all customers and clients. Tall trees, planting and lawns create tranquil area's promoting professionalism and care. Both contributing to a more profitable business.


Landscape Maintenance Services

Well maintained Landscaped areas appeal to you clients, drawing them in. Also creating an area where Staff can sit and relax, helping with stress and again helping within the work place itself.


At S.H.A.E Enterprises we offer a full Hard & Soft Landscape experience from Design to Installation, specializing in :


• Paving

• Design and installation of structures

• Lawns and Sports areas

• Retaining Walls - Brick or Stone

• Core Drilling Services

• Irrigation

• Installation of Concrete & Asphalt

• Full Landscape Establishment Maintenance programs

• Ongoing Landscape Maintenance programs


S.H.A.E Enterprises offer high quality products with experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on being highly competitive and strive to work with our clients to produce the end product they desire.


- Parks and Open Spaces

- Hard & Soft Landscaping

- Resin Bound Surfaces


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