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Parks and Open Spaces

Parks and Open Spaces are an integral part of our daily life and habitat we live in. The Design and installation of these projects is highly important and once finished these areas create so many positive attributes.

At S.H.A.E Enterprises we provide a full service from Design, creativity, innovation and installation. Also offering a full maintenance program once the Park or Open Space is complete and ready to use.

Reasons why our Parks and Open spaces are so important

Parks and Open spaces create areas where residents can interact with others and meet new people. These new spaces are great for walking, running, cycling, picnics and all other recreational activities. In turn creating physical health and important to maintaining mental well being.

For kids being outside and playing in Parks and Open spaces is crucial for the healthy development of all children. Helping with the child’s ability to learn and focus better weather it be by running, catching a ball, skateboarding or many other activities offered by these local spaces.

Parks and open spaces are not just for us but each area creates and supports its own ecosystem and provide a natural habitat for many different animals.

Our Services

• Design of Parks and Open Spaces

• Installation of Paths and Sports areas – Concrete, Resin Bound, Granite Sand & Asphalt

• Design and Installation of Skate Board Parks – including half pipes and ramps

• Installation of Sports Pitches and Seeding

• Supply and Planting of Trees and Plants

• Excavation of wetland areas inc planting and soil stabilization

• Installation of Play Equipment

• Drainage


Commercial landscaping

Public areas, schools, homes and commercial sites all benefit from Hard & Soft Landscaping. Creating previously unusable areas into functional outdoor spaces. Using bricks, paving or timber, landscaping gives individual gardens meaning and structure.

Hard landscaping is used to create the start of a garden, which can be enhanced upon with planting, lawns and other soft landscape materials.

Landscaping around your business is attractive to all customers and clients. Tall trees, planting and lawns create tranquil area’s promoting professionalism and care. Both contributing to a more profitable business.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Well maintained Landscaped areas appeal to you clients, drawing them in. Also creating an area where Staff can sit and relax, helping with stress and again helping within the work place itself.

At S.H.A.E Enterprises we offer a full Hard & Soft Landscape experience from Design to Installation, specializing in :

• Paving

• Design and installation of structures

• Lawns and Sports areas

• Retaining Walls – Brick or Stone

• Core Drilling Services

• Irrigation

• Installation of Concrete & Asphalt

• Full Landscape Establishment Maintenance programs

• Ongoing Landscape Maintenance programs


Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin Bonded Surfacing uses a mix of aggregates blended with a high quality UV stable resin. Creating a beautiful finished surface, providing durability, permeability and strength.

Paths, Patios & Driveways

Resin Bound Surfacing is a great product to be used over existing hard surfaces and covers up, strengthens and changes the appearance of tied surfaces. With its permeable strong surface it stops puddles and reduces excessive water run off. Giving the finished area a bespoke finish and easy to keep clean.

Tree Pits & Planting Areas

Laying Resin Bonded Aggregate within Tree Pits or Planting Areas forms an attractive, low maintenance solution. This product works especially well when covering soil or exposed roots and allowing the tree to grow. Once laid this permeable product helps to reduce vandalism and litter.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Resin Bonded surfacing requires very little maintenance. The area will be generally kept clean with rain water, however a light pressure wash will remove any algae or dirt.

Highly Water Permeable

Resin Bonded Aggregate is a highly permeable system which works especially well on slopes where surface water run off is  problem or around Tree and Planting areas helping water to find its way naturally to the plant roots.

Resin Bonded Aggregate is available in 1 – 10mm sized aggregate offering a durable Resin able to bond to Concrete, B Grade, Tarmac, Wood or Metal surfaces.

To view our available colours please download the colour chart HERE.

School/Playground Mulch

Is your playground safe?

Around 75% of playground injuries are caused by falls.

Over time existing Soft fall mulch breaks down, becoming less absorbing and unfortunately leading to injuries and liability.

We offer a free service to check your existing Soft fall mulch meets Australian Standard – AS 4685.

  • Free Inspection of your Playground with a Full Inspection Report.
  • Topping up of existing Soft Fall mulch to meet Australian Standard – AS 4685.
  • Renewal of your existing Playground Soft Fall mulch including topping up of
    existing Soft Fall mulch to meet Australian Standard – AS 4685.
  • Excavation & Disposal of your existing composted mulch and installation of
    new Certified Soft Fall mulch to meet Australian Standard – AS 4685.
  • Complete Playground renovations including: New edgings, drainage, removal of existing play equipment, supply and  installation of new playground equipment.



We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the comfort of knowing that your investment is delivered and installed by professionals on time and in budget.


Our reputation rests on providing a professional service, the best quality product and the most competitive rates to all of our customers.


With over 30 years in the Landscaping trade, we excel in providing you with the knowledge that your individual project is installed by professionals.

S.H.A.E Enterprises Pty Ltd, established in 2005, are Ballarat Based Commercial Landscapers offering a wide range of landscaping services in Ballarat.

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